Still from 'Time Freak'

Poppy Jasper rock

Has a Poppy Jasper Film Festival film ever won an Academy Award?

We’ve had several of our festival films go on to be nominated for an Oscar. Most recently, our 2011 Best Science Fiction Film “Time Freak” was nominated for Best Live Action Short Film at the 2012 Academy Awards. We definitely cheered for filmmakers Andrew Bowler and Gigi Causey on Oscar night.

Who is Poppy Jasper – an actress? And why is the festival named after her?

Actually, Poppy Jasper is not a “who” – it’s a “what.” It is a semi-precious gemstone noted for its red and yellow circles or ‘orbs” on a field of white or black. Like the festival, Poppy Jasper is unique to Morgan Hill . The Smithsonian in Washington D.C. lists Morgan Hill as the “type locality” for this beautiful – and rare – gemstone. Beautiful samples of the Poppy Jasper gemstone are on display in various locations throughout the city and a piece of one is embedded into each Poppy Jasper International Film Festival trophy.

How many films can I see at the PJFF?

Although the PJFF receives hundreds of submissions each year, a panel of jurors views and selects what are considered to be the best films. The festival will offer up a variety of films this year – all hand picked from the many films submitted. The schedule is arranged so that festival goers may have the opportunity to see every accepted film.

What is a Screening?

A screening is a group of three or more short films that totals about 90 minutes in length. This could be three 30-minute films for example. Or it might consist of two 30-minute films and two 15-minute films. A screening typically contains a mixture of types of films, i.e. a comedy, a music film and a documentary could be seen in the same screening. We suggest you check the web site in late September for film name, artist, time and venue. Programs listing the films in each screening will be available at the festival